Monday, November 5, 2012

Finally, up and running...

Well, haven't we had a wild ride trying to get our site up and running.  There is a lot of work developing your own e-commerce web site that you never know about until you try it yourself.
We tried one site designer only to find out that there was some problem with their indexing our inventory on the site and page loads were painfully slow.
With first impressions being so important, we felt that we did not want to drive traffic to the site until it was ready to handle whatever came.
We have now signed up with another host and a network of suppliers which increases our available inventory 3 times over.
Please try us out at:

and see if you see anything you like.  Either way, please give us any feedback that you wish, good or bad and we'll try to make whatever improvements we can.  All comments are welcome.
Please visit us on facebook or twitter as well and happy hunting.